• Discover Parisian Cooking

  • Discover the French gastronomic culture

    When you think of countries that are known for fine food, then France is one of the first countries that springs to mind. If you love food and cooking then a trip to Paris can be made even more memorable by taking cookery classes while you are there. Le Foodist offer these classes and there is a lot more than cooking that you can learn when you take part as food is such a important part of the French culture.

    Which Ingredients Are Used And Why

    There is often a reason why specific ingredients are used in certain dishes and this is something you will learn while cooking. You will pay a visit to a market before the class to buy your ingredients and you will be given a lot of guidance during this task.

    How Cooking Techniques Are Related To Culture

    Culture is an important part of cooking in Paris and this can be seen in the different techniques that are used in the kitchen. While you are cooking you will be learning about the origins of these techniques and why they are still so important and used so widely today.

    Stories Of Famous Chefs And Their Dishes

    There are a lot of famous French chefs and there are a lot of facts about them that you may not know. Cooking classes in Paris (see here) will teach you how to recreate some dishes by these famous chefs and they will also give you an opportunity to learn about their life and how it shaped their culinary career. All classes that Le Foodist hold are relaxed and the focus is on helping you to enjoy cooking rather than getting every detail of the recipe exactly right. The friendly atmosphere really helps to make the whole experience something that you will look back on with fond memories for years to come.